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Hey Chet, my parents are moving into a new apartment and we're hoping to get them a few new pieces of kitchenware. What do you recommend for someone who has arthritis?
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Hi Barbara thanks for your question. In doing my research I've found that this problem is more widespread than people realize. Even people with minor arthritis or no hand issues at all have problems opening jars without straining their wrists. It's clearly a better mouse trap scenario. Luckily, I've found several easy to use and Arthritis-friendly can openers. Here's the list:

#1. Keetzen Stainless Steel Can Opener - Manual Heavy Duty with New Ergonomic Design for Easy Grip and Handling Especially for People with Arthritis is a top choice for those suffering from arthritis.

It is a manual opener with a 4.5/5 star rating based on 100 reviews.

Stainless Steel and heavy duty means you most likely will never need to buy another can opener ever again (though i hope you still come back to after you buy this, you know, in case you need recommendations for other kitchen products!)

There's a 30 day money back guarantee so if you are still unsure after reading page after page of rave review you have nothing to lose. There is also a 3 year warranty on the product. What was the last product you purchased that came with a 3 year warranty in the box?

#2. KitchenPalz Eazy-Cut takes a lot of stress out of can opening. It's battery powered and automatic. Touch one button and it's off and running. If you open a lot of cans it might be a battery drain, and the only other con is that it will not open cans with a 3 mm lip, e.g. Kirkland brand peas and corn. However, despite those slight drawbacks, it has smooth side cutting that keeps your fingers from being cut and the lid pops right back on after cutting. You also get a FREE eBook with canned food recipes. Takes 4 AA batteries.

#3. Kuhn Rikon Slim Safety Lid Lifter Many claim this is the easist to use of all the can openers and takes the least amount of effort. The Kuhn Rikon stays sharp, clean, and trouble free. It's another side cutting can that leaves no sharp edges. There's a slight learning curve, and it doesn't work on some cans like evaporated milk, but aside from that it is a VERY easy can opener for arthritis sufferers to use. It's also available in a wide variety of colors. Here's the how-to video:

#4. Bru Joy Manual Can Tin Opener Stainless Steel Smooth Edge. No Sharp Cuts. The Bru Joy advertises itself as a manual can opener specifically designed to be the Best for Arthritis Seniors and has 4.5/5 stars based on over 300 reviews. This can opener is completely stainless steel through and through, and will not rust. It's also very sharp and also comes with an excellent warranty. Many people with arthritis have been singing the praises of the large easy-to-use handles and smooth cuts. This is a top cutting/traditional can opener, and not side cutting like the others I've mentioned.

#5. Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener is another battery powered hands free can opener that does most of the work for you. In this demonstration video below, you'll see how easy it is to use. This also received 4.5 star reviews and works with a variety of can sizes. Very similar to #2 in our list. Between these 5 choices, there's more than enough variety to suit your needs. Let me know which one you chose!

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