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Information on Can Openers for use in restaurants and professional establishments.

OK, so, you've either A. Got a large family, B. Own a restaurant/work in the food service industry, or C. have decided you need the biggest/baddest/mofo-iest can opener there is.

This is the article that will give you the lo-down so you can make your purchasing decision worry-free.

Let's look at some qualifications:

Commercial grade means strong and means solid. You need a blade that will cut open can after can after can... and then once more around the block. You want to make sure it's heavy duty - usually mounted to a strong base. Again you need something that's going to last. Edlund is the top manufacturer of commercial grade can openers.

The Edlund Commercial Can Opener No. 1 With Plated Base is designed to work some 50 cans a day. Some users have mentioned, after 3 years of use, theirs are running as good as they did when they first bought them. 4.5/5 stars. This is not a porable unit, it is a permanently mounted piece. And yes, it can be mounted to a stainless steel prep table with wheels. Here's a great youtube video showing how to use, care for, and maintain the Edmund Commercial Can Opener

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