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One Touch Jar Openers and other automatic means are a newer trend. Everything coming out is another improvement on the classic idea and the goal is to automate the process as much as possible. Here's the two top models on the market at this current time.

To start the review of electric styles, I decided to start with the most modern and most popular - the Hamilton Beach Open Ease. This neat little guy does an excellent job opening jars of all sizes. A few things to note, you should definitely keep a grip on the jar and the unit, or it may go flying! But the heavy lifting (in this case, opening) is done for you. Just keep one hand on the unit and one on the jar while the operation takes place. It also takes a little bit of time, as this video demonstrates:

Black and Decker's $100-plus model, the JW200, has been the de-facto standard for many years now. There's not many left, but it's still a quality rated product that handles jars up to 4 inches in diameter (while you can still get them). If you notice, the size difference between these 2 different models is significant and really shows how the advancement in technology to make smaller and more compact types and sizes is all geared towards making your life easier and saving space.

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