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Hi Chet, I'm looking for the best ironing board. I've previously owned the Household Essentials Pressing Station Ironing Board, which is ranked #1, but the top cracked with normal use and I don't want to get another. What recommendations do you have?
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Hi Caitlin, thanks for your question. A good ironing board is hard to find, for sure. My wife has been through several. Finally we hit the jackpot with the Brabantia Solid Steam Iron Rest with Ivory Frame.

I just have one warning: This will undoubtedly be the most expensive ironing board you've owned, and it will be worth every penny. But, with the 10 year warranty, you'll never have to worry about it. The board is sturdy, solidly built, and wide enough to allow you to get all the surface room you need and then some (and most likely, you'll wonder how you did without the extra width). It's the workbench of ironing boards.

The height is fully adjustable to whatever is comfortable for you.

It's heavy, too, weighing in at 15 pounds, which should hold up just fine under the stress of your most demanding projects. It has an iron rest, as well.

Brabantia Solid Steam Iron Rest with Ivory Frame, Moving Circles, 25mm

My wife is extremely happy with hers, I'm sure the Brabantia will be the best ironing board for you, too.
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