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Best Rubber Jar Opener and Manual Jar Opener 2017

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For those who need something small, easy, and traditional, the rubber jar gripper is about as classic as it gets in the world of jar openers. Here's some options for manual removal of lids.

The Prepworks from Progressive International GT-3236 Jar Grips, Set of 3 has 3 different sized rubber jar grips. The most popular in this set is the red cone-shaped grip, and many users mention that it also doubles very nicely as a bottle top opener. For those with arthritis there might be some better options, but it's also a very popular jar lid gripper in that market as well.

You might ask "But Chet, what is the best of them all?"

For under-the-counter installation or for a one-handed rubber-grip style opener, I recommend the EZ Off. It has 5/5 star reviews from over 700 users and might be the most popular of all of the items in existence, powered or manual. Of everything we've reviewed, we found it to be the best buy for your money and it's reputation is fantastic. Oftentimes, made for TV sale products have a spotty reputation, but the EZ Off is actually pretty remarkable and reliable. Check out their company's website to learn more about their excellent products. They have a newsletter as well that gives tips and ideas for your kitchen.

And speaking of manual openers, the Oxo Good Grips is a highly rated and lightweight product that is pretty easy to use. However, it still requires a bit of arm and hand strength. Most people who own this mention you have to really push down on the top of the jar in order to get the oxo to properly remove the lid. Shame as Oxo's other products are quite good. This company has a very long reputation for outstanding designs. I was hoping they would hit this one out of the park. Didn't happen that way. It's an idea that, while different, isn't better than the others.

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