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How to Open a Stubborn Jar 2017

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We all know those jars with tight lids can be a pain, and sometimes you don't have jar openers on hand to open one. Or the opener you have on hand just isn't enough to do the job no matter what kind of effort you put into it. So, what is there to do? Here's 4 methods to do this:

Method #1: The added grip method. This method is pretty basic. Either using a piece of saran wrap, a small rubber band around the edge, or a pair of rubber gloves, you can add some grip to prevent slippage along the edge of the jar. This will ward against wasted energy and help to open jars more easily.

Method #2: The Tap around the edge method. Using a wooden stick or spoon of some kind, tap around the edge of the jar a few revolutions, which will help release air pockets and allow the jar to open easier. My method that I learned from my mom is based on this, where I would hold the jar upside down and semi-lightly tap it on the floor. This is the method we've used in my family, and it works about 90% of the time.

Method #3: The submerge in warm water bath method. Flipping the jar upside down and leaving it soak in some warm water can allow the top to expand and loosen it up from the glass.

Method #4: The preventative maintenance method. For sticky jars like molasses or honey, you can use a piece of saran wrap around the edge of the jar to keep the sticky parts from touching the lid.

All of these methods are demonstrated in the youtube video below

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