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Jar Opener For Seniors or those Suffering from Arthritis 2017

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These are the best jar openers geared toward use by seniors or those with arthritis.

If you have arthritic hands or other ailments that cause weakness in muscles and make tasks involving use of the hands difficult, here's the top options:

The Kuhn Rikon Deluxe Gripper is a manual grip opener that can take the stress out of opening jars. Even as the jar is being opened, the Kuhn Rikon doesn't slip. The Gripper stays locked on lids and doesn't let go. It's Swiss made and quality through and through from a company whose mission statement is "to make healthy cooking faster, easier and more enjoyable." Check out this demonstration video for an easy to understand usage guide:

The featured item on this page is the EZ Off, which is by far the most popular lid lifter at this time. Many seniors and those with hand ailments mention how easy this product is to use. Some have had theirs for a decade and haven't been let down once! It covers all sizes, from pill bottles and nail polish, to large sized pickle jars.

The last recommendation is the Jarkey. Another VERY popular opener that's portable and stores easily, The Jarkey tackles jars of any size, as long as they're no higher than 1/2" high at the edge. Using a more interesting popping technology, the Jarkey wedges into the edge to pop the top off any jar. It's available in assorted colors as well.

Regardless of which you choose, I think you'll find the one to suit your needs in this short but sweet list.
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