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Opening a Can Without a Can Opener 2017

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So, I've written a lot of articles in this section about which can openers you should buy in all sorts of situations. But what if you're in a predicament of needing to open a can and not having a can opener present? Perhaps you've gone camping (my boy scout merit badges taught me a lot about this!) and simply forgot to pack a can opener?

Here's 3 ways to open a can without a can opener:

Method #1 - The rub and cut can opener method works if you do have some kind of utensil that can pry - such as a knife, fork, or spoon. Even a putty knife should work as long as it's durable enough and won't bend under pressure. You find a flat surface, and rub until the juice from the can starts flowing out breaking the seal. Then, use your utensil to pry up the edge and bend it back. This will leave a very sharp edge so be very careful

Method #2 - The rub and pop method is similar to #1, but is even more useful in the event of a zombie apolcalypse where you have no such utensil. The rub method from #1 applies, but in the end, you squeeze the sides of the can to effectively pop the top off.

Method #3 - The spoon around the edge method. This method is different in that you don't need a flat surface, but you do need a lot of elbow grease to actually cut around the edge of the can by hand.

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