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Hi Chet, I've seen a number of options for GPS units and I can't tell which is better, though I do want something easy to use, has accuracy, and has the ability to be updated. Thanks for any help you can give!
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Hi Ron, thanks for your question. After reviewing several, our experts have concluded that nothing beats the Garmin Nuvi 52LM.


Comes with Lifetime Maps

Recalculates on the fly in case you decide to change routes.

Auto-updates with easy to use interface.

Remembers preferences.

Memory card type is microSD and microSDHC

Comes with car charger. The car charger is a USB style, so you can charge any device as well as the Nuvi. The USB cord supplied with it is 3 feet.

Lane assist is excellent. Very helpful for large multiple lane roads and highways. Merge/Exit signs are also supported and shown on screen.

The languages supported are American English Spanish (Americas) French(Canadian) Korean Portugese Chinese Japanese

Latitude and Longitude are supported by double tapping on the screen. It also shows elevation.

You can program it to avoid highways and toll roads.

It isn't weatherproof for motorcycle use, but a separate motorcycle mount kit with a weather-proof case is sold separately.


Some customers have mentioned problems with updating, but that was mostly from Windows XP users. If You're using the latest Windows or OSX, your ability to update your unit should be flawless.
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